PES 2016: Master League

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  • Master League mode has been a fan favourite of the series practically since its inception and thanks to all the fan feedback we received, we have fully overhauled the mode to give it the love it deserves. With all the new features, Master League will offer the definitive single player experience as you try and take your team to the top!


    New Menus

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    After creating your manager and selecting your team, the first thing you’ll notice is the fully redesigned menu system. The new menus offer you a more streamlined experience, giving you at a glance all the most relevant info of not only your team and your competition, but what else is going on in other leagues or transfers.

    Live Screens


    Master League will be unique to each and every player thanks to the new live screens in the main menu. As well as the constant live feeds keeping you up to date on what’s happening around the globe, the screen will update based on what’s happening within your team.


    You’ll see news regarding transfers, injuries and player stories, as well as international call-ups with player reactions. There will also be snapshots taken of key matches played, such players scoring goals or commenting on a great/bad performance.


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    PES 2016 ML sees brand new cutscenes included, that bring key moments to life. As well as special press conferences for when a player is signed, there will be cutscenes for player of year awards as well when you as a manager move teams.



    The scouting system has been reworked to offer you a more detailed experience. You can specify exactly what needs your team currently have, or let your scout automatically find players to balance out the weaker spots in your team.




    The Scout will also keep you updated regularly whenever he finds players and let you know when he finds someone really special for your team!

    Team Stats


    Each month will provide you with a Monthly report, not only giving a quick overview of your performance, but also a detailed report on your play style. It will provide you with all sorts of useful data, like most active zones, attacking and defending averages, most used pass types and even what times you are more likely to concede or score a goal in a match! Keeping all these stats in the back of your mind will help you improve your team’s performance.

    Regular Team Updates


    Apart from your monthly reports, you will also receive regular updates based on your team’s performance in their competitions. Not only can you check each player’s status, updated regularly with international call-ups or even injuries, but also you can see if any of your players are included in the team of the month for your current competition.

    Player Development and Team Roles

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    With a bit of help, your players can develop into key players in your team through training, boosting Team Spirit and Overall Rating. Also thanks to the new Team Role system, players can gain abilities that not only affect them, but even the club or their team mates!



    Possible Team roles include:

    • Youth Prospect: More experience earned from matches.

    • Protégé: More experience and team affinity increased

    • Star Player: Extra money from merchandise sales

    • Superstar: More income from merchandise, fan clubs, sponsors and a bonus if he is captain of your team.

    • Leader: Boosts condition of team mates in derbies and key matches.

    • General: Boosts condition of team members in all matches and they feel less tired if he is captain of your team.

    • Maestro: Players with the same first position earn more experience thanks to him.

    • Grand Master: Players with the same role earn more experience and get a boost if he is captain.

    • Bandiera: Superstar, General and Grand Master effects apply, plus a bonus to all income.

    • Legend: Superstar, General and Grand Master effects apply, plus a bonus to all team development.

    A good level of training will quickly see your players rise and who knows? Maybe the fans will even give your players nicknames!

    Moving clubs


    The opportunity to move clubs is much more prominent this year, with many offers coming in for you if you are performing well. You’ll have the option to move to different countries and parts of the world, as well as manage a national team in an attempt to take them to international glory!



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