PESGalaxy Patch goes Playstation 4

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  • As PESGalaxy has been publishing its PC patches for years we would like
    to announce that we bringing this tradition to the Playstation 4. We are
    offering PES 2017 team imports - for FREE.

    Our PS4 patch will for sure* contain the following "leagues":
    - Premier League
    - Football League Championship
    - Serie A
    - Serie B
    - Primera Division
    - Segunda Division
    - Primeira Liga
    - Bundesliga
    - (Other teams Europe)**
    - South American League***
    - Asian League***
    - (National teams)

    * At first we will deal with the fake teams and afterwards we will
    handle the issue of adding teams and national teams so that you can
    start having fun with the game shortly after release.

    ** In the section "Other teams Europe" we will mainly focus on the
    teams who made it to CL and EL but are not in the game (yet). But if you
    have any ideas, suggestions or wishes for teams we can surely talk
    about it.

    *** If you want to decide which league should be considered by us choose your favoured leage in this poll.

    Decide which League from Asia should make it to the patch:
    Decide which League from (South) America should make it to the patch:

    For further information regarding content, release time etc stay tuned to our blog or our social media channels.

    Kind regards,
    Your PESGalaxy PS4 Patch Team

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Comments 10

  • loco00 -

    kommt heute der patch bitte ?


    Jambo...Oh yea, Klar, ich habe den Teil damals über Euren Link vorbestellt ohne zu wissen, dass es eine PS4 OF geben wird....Aber nun!!!!!!Bääämmm. Wie jede OF,macht Ihr das Game erdt komplett. Ich sage,mal wieder, dicken Dank...Und bis denne.............

  • BlueMan_86 -

    If you can add "JELEN SUPER LIGA" Serbian League... it is poor... :) lol But just add FK PARTIZAN BELGRADE, RES STAR BELGRADE, FK VOJVODINA...
    Thanks for great patch, we be waiting for this one.. Also thanks for importing new teams...
    KING REGARDS, and thanks for your hard work.... <3 <3 <3

  • Damian Walusz -

    When can we get our hands on PC patch?

    • Eukakrypto -

      Not this weekend, but probably at the end of the coming week.

  • potatocouch -

    Greetings from Australia !!! What's the time frame on when this will be made available?

    • Eukakrypto -

      Probably Saturday/Sunday at latest

    • potatocouch -

      @Eukakrypto thanks! So Bundesliga will take PEU team slots; when Konami update happen in the future, all players will reset to default generic fake players, right? Do I need to apply the bin files again? Does this add duplication to the kits as they've been previously installed?

  • tschemek -

    Wurden endlich unsere Gebete erhört und es gibt wieder einen Team Import? Ich kann es gar nicht fassen! Wie geil!

  • hully -