Failing to import new kits(?)

    • Failing to import new kits(?)

      Hello everyone, the last few days I tried to install some kits for the season 15-16, unfortunately, they don't seem to work properly.

      So here is what I do:
      1) Download and exctract cpks with the kits I want, eg Real Madrid 15-16 kit.
      2) Extract PESGalaxy_Kits.cpk which is located on download folder of the installation location.
      3) Replace the content of PESGalaxy's Real Madrid kit, on both team & textures folders.
      4) Compile the common folder with the new kit and replace it on download folder.
      5) Using DpFileList Generator v1.5 I select all cpks and create a new dpfilelist with the new PESGalaxy_Kits.cpk

      Am I missing something?

      But, when I get in-game, there is the default (PES's default kit), not mine, not even patche's kit. Should I have done something else too? Did I do anything wrong?
    • Hm just try that:

      1.) No changes at PESGalaxy_Kits.cpk
      2.) Make a new .cpk file just with the new kits (for example RMKits16.cpk)
      3.) Start the DpFileList Generator and place the RMKits16.cpk after the PESGalaxy_Kits.cpk

      I'm not sure if it works this way, but at least you can try it.

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    • That's it, it worked!! Thanks!
      There is only a minor bug, Real's 2nd kit during 14-15 was pink, upcoming season's 2nd kit is grey, when I swap strips before starting the game, on the bottom it says 2/3 and has a pink square instead of a grey one. But it's a really minor problem.