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      Baldur Hendriksson (FC Copenhagen/Faroe Islands NT)

      Overall: Dry,Short,+1
      Front: Combed Back,Left 2,Type 1,Normal
      Side/Back: Normal
      Hair colour: 6

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 1,-2,3,4,-4,-2
      Eyes: 2,3,-1,7,3,Type 4,Type 2,5,-1,-2,6,3,-2,-1,-2,-2
      Forehead/Brows: Type 5,Type 2,0,1,3,Same as hair,-5,4,-2,3,-7
      Nose: Type 2,1,1,1,2,-6,Type 1
      Mouth: Type 2,Type 1,-3,3,2,-4,-2
      Facial Hair: No
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 4,3,Type 3,2,3,-3,6,7
      Ears: -2,2,0

      Physics: -2,3,4,-2,-1,4,2,2,1,1,1,1,-2,-2

      accessories: Adidas X (Solar Yellow and Core Black),No tape,Black Gloves,Short undershorts,Sleves Short and long,Untucked,Standard,No inner shirt
      Celebration 13
    • Uffe Bech (Hannover 96/Denmark)

      Overall: Normal,Short,+1
      Front: Up,Left 2,Type 1,Wide
      Side/Back: Cropped,Type 2
      Hair colour: 9 (Haircolour line 1 row 8)

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 1,-2,3,1,3,3
      Eyes: -3,0,-4,5,5,Type 1,Type 2,-2,-1,4,-5,-2,-4,3,-1,3
      Forehead/Brows: Type 1,Type 1,0,0,3,Default,-4,4,-2,2,-2
      Nose: Type 2,2,-1,-2,-3,-1,Type 2
      Mouth: Type 2,Type 3,-6,5,1,-1,3
      Facial Hair: No
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 2,4,Type 3,4,-6,-4,3,1
      Ears: -2,4,-2

      Physics: -2,3,1,-6,-4,5,2,2,2,1,1,1,-3,-3
    • Mohammed Diarra (Odense Boldklub/Guinea NT)

      Overall: Normal,Medium,+6
      Front: Combed Back,Off,Type 1,Wide
      Side/Back: Cropped,Type 2
      Hair colour: 9 (Haircolour line 2 row 11)

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 6,4,3,3,3,4
      Eyes: 7,2,4,1,3,Type 5,Type 3,-3,-2,3,-7,4,2,-3,2,2
      Forehead/Brows: Type 2,Type 4,0,0,1,Same as hair,3,-2,6,5,4
      Nose: Type 2,3,5,1,-1,3,Type 1
      Mouth: Type 1,Type 1,5,6,5,4,-3
      Facial Hair: Type 11,Same as hair,3
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 4,7,Type 3,1,-1,-1,4,-2
      Ears: -5,2,3


      Strip Style:
      WEPES Heritage (Black), Untucked, Normal inner sleeve.

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    • Ørjan Nyland (FC Ingolstadt 04/Norway NT)

      Overall: Dry,Short,0
      Front: Combed back,Right 2,Type 1,Normal
      Side/Back: Normal
      Hair colour: 1

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 1,2,1,0,-3,-3
      Eyes: -1,0,2,7,0,Type 1,Type 1,4,-3,-6,2,2,2,-6,-1,-5
      Forehead/Brows: Type 5,Type 1,0,2,2,Same as hair,-5,3,-1,7,3
      Nose: Type 5,0,1,5,3,1,Type 2
      Mouth: Type 1,Type 2,-1,2,7,-1,0
      Facial Hair: Type 6,Same as hair,0
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 2,4,Type 3,3,-1,-3,2,-5
      Ears: -2,-1,5

      Neck length: 1
      Neck size: -1
    • Hannes Halldorsson (N.E.C. Nijmegeb/Iceland NT)

      Overall: Shaved,0
      Front: Type 1,Normal
      Side/Back: Type 2
      Hair colour: 6

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 1,7,1,0,-7,6
      Eyes: -2,-2,1,5,0,Type 6,Type 3,6,-2,3,2,-7,1,-7,-3,-1
      Forehead/Brows: Type 6,Type 1,0,3,Same as hair,-3,1,-5,7,4
      Nose: Type 6,1,-2,5,4,6,Type 1
      Mouth: Type 2,Type 2,-7,3,3,1,-2
      Facial Hair: OFF
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 2,-3,Type 3,0,3,-4,0,-5
      Ears: 2,7,-1

      Neck length: +7
      Neck size: -4
    • Sten Grytebust (Odense Boldklub/Norway NT)

      Overall: Dry,Very Short,5
      Front: Up,Type 1,Normal
      Side/Back: Type 1
      Hair colour: 4

      Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 4,3,4,2,3,3
      Eyes: 3,2,-2,1,-3,Type 4,Type 2,2,-1,2,-4,-2,1,-7,1,-2
      Forehead/Brows: Type 3,Type 1,0,0,3,Black,-3,1,0,2,2
      Nose: Type 6,3,-1,0,0,-1,Type 1
      Mouth: Type 1,Type 2,-4,7,-1,5,-1
      Facial Hair: Type 6,Black,1
      Cheeks/Chin/Jaw: Type 1,2,Type 3,3,4,5,3,1
      Ears: -3,1,0

      Neck length: -3
      Neck size: -2