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  • About Pesgalaxy Patch 2016 and the DLC

    Just a short message to let you know what's happening right now. We are making good progress with the patch, but we want to include the latest transfers in the first update. Usually we wait for Konamis first DLC, because it would be too much work to do it on our own, especially if we already know Konami will do it.
    But as you know, Konami announced the release of the first DLC and it will be released on October 29. Of course we don't want to wait that long.
    But: Konami plans to release the first live update on 1st October and as you know we were able to integrate it into the patch last year.
    That's why our current plan is right now to use the time to work more on the patch until the 1st October and then integrate the Live Update and make the first release. If it's not working or if Konami decides to release the live update later or whatever, we will consider releasing a "beta" version of the patch with less transfers. But right now the plan is to wait for the live update and integrate it into the patch.

    Thank you for the patience. :)
  • Borusse92 wrote:

    The state of the PesGalaxy Patch 2016

    Hello there my people, many of you are still asking every day when there will be the first PesGalaxy Patch for PES 16.
    We originally planned to release the first patch shortly after the first Live Update came out.
    Sadly Konami decided to encrpyt those files now, we had no possibility to use it. The Option File is encrpyted as well that we there are no external editors for the OF yet for example.
    Nesa is trying his best to decrypt those files, be he also just a normal person who has a privat life.
    This means he can´t work on decrypting those files from morning to evening, everyone should respect this.
    Give him some time, if he got the time he will take of it in the meantime don´t be dicks and ask him for other stuff he should do.
    In his evo-web thread where he adressed the state of the decryption about 4-5 people already asked for new stuff for him to make ignoring the indtroducing post completely.

    Now what has this to do with the Galaxy Patch you might ask?

    As already mentioned it´s not possible to apply Live updates to the OF at the moment,
    and we don´t want to release a patch where is not any transfer outside of Bundesliga or Other European teams is done.
    As sad as it is, this means we have to wait for official Konami Update which will be released at the 29th of October, in 12 Days.
    Trust as we are as frustrated as you are, but release a half complete Patch just isn´t our style.

    You guys deserve a proper patch in good quality.
    What I want to say is, while we´re waiting for update we´re using all the free time we have to add more teams to the release.
    I can already announce that our first PesGalaxy patch will not only correct all fake teams, but it will also feature all missing CL teams.
    And beginning from today we are adding the missing EL teams as well. Here I can´t promise that we will feature all Teams, but definitely as many as we can get done :D .

    Long story short here are the most important things:
    • Give Nesa time
    • Don´t be a dick
    • First Patch will be released somewhat after the 29th of October
    • All Fake Teams licensed
    • All CL Teams
    • Many EL Teams
    • Many Switcher Options (SweetFx, Turf, yair-Gameplay, Scoreboads and many more)
    • And of course many many faces.
    Thank you for reading this wall of text, but I wanted to deliver a proper explanation on what is happening and when there will happen something
  • Borusse92 wrote:

    Hello there, I wanted to give you a quick update on which extra teams will definitley be included in the first Patch version.
    Please note that this only refers to "Other European" teams.
    The Bundesliga is of course also included.
    Here now are all the Teams I have created thus far, I hope to get even more done in last days before the Konami DLC is being released.

    Here now are the Teams:
    • Dinamo Zagreb
    • Bate Borisov
    • CSKA Moskva
    • Shakhtar Donetsk
    • Malmö FF
    • Fc Astana
    • Celtic FC
    • Fenerbahce
    • Besiktas
    • FC Sion
    • Rapid Wien
    • FC Midtjylland
    Don´t be sad if team is not included in that list, if you´re lucky it´ll still be included in our first Version.
  • Just a quick update guys:
    The Patch will most likely NOT being released this weekend. Due to the Update we got more work on our hands now.
    We´re trying to make as many transfers as possible and then release. I don´t know how far the rest of the team is, but it might take a while.
    Please excuse this inconvenience.
    We know you guys have been waiting a lot already but we don´t want to put out a half finished Patch for you.
  • PESGalaxy wrote:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we aim to release our next Patchversion shortly after the next DLC by Konami has been released.
    The DLC hits on the 24th of March and we hope to release at the Weekend after that.
    Still we can´t guarantee that release because we don´t know if the Update will feature all Winter Transfers or if we will have to do lots of them ourselves again.

    I also want to remind you guys that MLS starts it´s season today,
    who knows maybe this fact is going to important later on ;)
  • Hello Guys and Gals,

    as you know the new DLC was released today. I took a quick look , and again found transfers that haven´t been completed bei Konami. Also there are a lot new National Players with special faces with whom we need to replace other Players which are already in our teams. This is definitely gonna take a while. We hoped for a release this Weekend, but after what I´ve seen now I don´t think that will happen.

    Maybe next Week, maybe during next Week, but I don´t think that we will be able to correct and finish everything in 3-4 Days of time.

    I´m sorry people.