Pinned Mistakes and Bugs in PESGalaxy PC-Patch 2016

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  • There is still something wrong with Patch 4.00.

    Samuel Umtiti's face disappears in the game;

    The program ceases working when I use Chelsea to play against FC Barcelona in exhibition game mode.

    Appreciate you team's work to fix these errors. Danke.
  • the patch is great, i really like it ..but i have a problem with switching to online mode...the game works only with " no steam " there any mean to play online? please help me
  • When I change switch Ligue 2/Bundesliga 2, and play Become a legend, Inside Bundesliga 2 division Valenciennes and Reims team.
    Valenciennes and Reims team play on Ligue 2 France.
    The name of cup and logo competition no correct.
    Sorry for my bad english :face:

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  • The Master league works really well there is however one flaw it was in the last pact and is still present in this. On my you tube channel i stream your latest patch with AFC Bournemouth in the master league but i cannot get past chelsea away it crashes the game. It did the same in the previous patch as Leicester? Is there a solution for this as i cannot carry on my series at the moment?
  • I cannot change the boots of rashford from manchester united.
    Another problem is that if I change Fosu-Mensah's boots, it is still unchanged in the match. Then I quit the match and go to edit mode and i find fosu-mensah become a somewhat "defaut" player, i mean a white man with his shirt tucked wearing adidas classic world cup boots.

    It would be great if the problems get fixed. Thank you so much.

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  • i have problem for the latest pes galaxy patch, if i play with chelsea fc team the game will stop working/force close.
    please help me to fix it.
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