Pinned PC-Patch 2016 Request Thread

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  • PC-Patch 2016 Request Thread

    Hey guys,this is the official request thread for this year's pesgalaxy patch.

    If you have any suggestions on adding teams, leagues, graphics etc., post them in this here thread. This is for a better overall view. That way we can see suggestions and inquires all in one place and you can see if your request has already been made by another user.

    If you would like to see something added which was proposed by another user, please only give this user a thumbs up and don't post the same thing or a "+1 post". Hereby we can see what the majority wants.

    If you want to report any bugs/mistake, please use this thread -> Mistakes and Bugs in PESGalaxy PC-Patch 2016
  • Hey, thanks for the best patch!

    I'd like to see updated boots that are assigned to the correct players and more stadiums in the upcoming versions. :)
  • can pesgalaxy team add this feature in the pes 2016 patch this feature was never introduced in any other patches before i will clarify this feature now :

    add the clubs that won the champions league from season 2005 to 2011 with their kits at that time so we got

    2005 liverpool

    2006 barcelona

    2007 ac milan

    2008 manchester united

    2009 barcelona

    2010 inter milan

    2011 barcelona

    now lets take an example so we will take liverpool 2005

    the players squad for liverpool in the 2005 champions league season is available in the and also for all the seasons from 2005 to 2011

    the players stats will be taken from Pro Evolution Soccer 5 why ?
    because its the version that was released by konami after the end of
    that season so we will consider the players stats as official . the kits are found via google search also

    lets take another example barcelona 2009

    the players squad is found in
    the players stats will be taken from Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
    the kits are found through google search with lots of results

    there is still some stats in pes 2016 not found in older versions such
    as Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for example Flip Flap these type of skills
    will be taken from pes 2016

    i know lots of fans love to play with manchester united 2008 because of c.ronaldo and rooney or barcelona 2009 because of henry , etoo , yaya toure

    i hope pesgalaxy team consider this exclusive feature in their current
    patches seriously because it will make their work more unique than other
    patches .

    thank you pesgalaxy for your great patch
    thank you konami for this epic game
    thank you pes fans for reading my post

    good luck and have fun
  • hi, thank you for the great work
    please can you make some tunisian teams in your next patches (etoile, esperance, sfax...)
    we follow you in tunisia and we are waiting for every version with impatience
  • Finally pesgalaxy patch came out! \o/

    And it would be even better for me if this patch contained 2. Bundesliga and espacially Polish Ekstraklasa. There's nothing better than playing with the club from an own country :D

    And please make some changes in the UEFA Europa League teams. There should be clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Augsburg, Lech Poznań or Legia Warszawa and few more.

    By the way, I really appreciate your effort put in creating all of this. :)
    Greetings ;)

    EDIT: And some changes in representations should be done. Please update Bosnian team. I haven't checked other representations yet, so I don't know how many representations should be improved.

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  • please, you might enter in the next patch:
    1) real font of: S.S. LAZIO (writing and numbers on the shirts)
    2) the 4th of S.S. LAZIO kit (used in europa league)
    3) chantpack
    4) more callnames for commentary Italian ??