Pinned PC-Patch 2016 Request Thread

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  • Think that most important now is the implementation of stadiums, and if it is possible to be more then just 28 form that pack, add some extra ones that people make, it will be even more awesome, maybe try adding more French stadiums so players can enjoy pre-Euro Pes simulation :)

    Offcourse, faces hairs for lots of players. Cant wait for the next version, thank you for the great work!!
  • Hey. great patch

    But somehow i feel disappointed with the lack of player faces for EPL player such as bolasie, mahrez, vardyl and others. I do love using pesgalaxy, but the amount of player updated is somehow lacking to compare with "classic patch" which was released 1 month early.
    I ll keep supporting you guys. There are a lot of guys now updating the faces, hope you will include it in the next version.
    Also, please make it compatible with estarlen silva stadium pack. Its not necessary for you to include in your patch as AIO but perhaps as optional just like PTE did.
    It will be awesome.

    Thanks again.
  • Please:

    - Create a big facepack faces for Valencia CF
    - Add Stadiums with adboards
    - Real Madrid kit with WC logo
    - Valencia CF kit all white
    - Add 3rd kit for all teams
    - Change Valencia CF to Champions League not Europa League
    - Modric long hair
    - Messi arm tattoo
    - How to install .cpk files in this patch? (get error to install)
    - Add bracelet for captain in FCB, RMA and Valencia (If all are better)

    For now I can not think of anything else

    Great work!

    PD: Sorry for my bad english ;)
  • First of all I want to tell you that this very good patch. Except some bugs fix it fast but safe.
    Now, I think there are many faces to add that I think are available more than anything in the major leagues (premier, BBVA, calcium) as .. Lanzini, Ighalo, Mahrez, Iago Aspas, I saw that there is a pack of Aston Villa, there Facemaker you are doing one of the premiership packs ... among others. Hopefully the take into account all those faces, I always like your patch was comprehensive in that.
    Also they are missing some details regarding transfers because Borriello is not in Carpi, Mbokani not in Norwich, Boye (River Plate)> Newells Old Boys do not know if there will be more transfers undone. Such notice at first glance.
    Incidentally if you wanted to suggest they could be fixed if were to put kits in the Chilean league and to upgrade the kit Rosario Central (your current kit is Nike).
    Incidentally, along with Rosario Central please correct the dismal stats might Konami did to Pinola? What you should know, I played many years in Nuremberg, it was one of the figures of the tournament in Argentina.
    I think the league should incorporate MLS or MX (Mexican is for me the best) and the J-League as soon as possible because otherwise these fake players in the league LM bother much.
    For the last, if there is a face maker read I ask if you can make the face of De Blasis walking playing very well in Mainz and incredibly nobody does. And also, since this haha, walking Bobadilla also playing great in Augsburg.

    Sorry if something is not understood, I write using the google translator.

    PS: I leave a current photo of Pinola in case of step with their fix of stats you want to edit the appearance.

    PS 2: Oh, I forgot! Please correct the colors bases kits. For example throughout the series B they have color black base. Then all thermal shirts and black tights out.

    PS 3: Perhaps this will serve as a reference for Pinola.

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  • Greeting from Ukraine guys, thank you for this awesome patch!

    What i want to see in upcoming updates:
    - SweetFX variations
    - 3rd kits for all teams
    - resolution changer tool
    - enable\disable crowd option
  • Hey guys, thank you very much for your brilliant work on this patch. Finally I can enjoy PES to the fullest ;)

    What I would request for the upcoming patch might be a slight revamping of the national team of Slovakia. I believe we deserve better stats - based on our form and based on the individual player's records. I know that the devs at KONAMI are not particularly interested in Slovakia or its players, but you guys could really take a look at it. Thanks ;)

    The other thing would be something I might be willing to help with - maybe a "switch" between real life formations and game plans, and "optimized" game plans for the best efficiency - f.e. a player might have 80 overall ability at AMF, but he is assigned as CMF and thus his ability drops to 73. So to maximise the performance of individuals and the teams as a result of that, I would suggest looking at the formations and switching players to their in-game positions for as many teams as possible - a thing I could help with if needed.

    Thank you guys for consideration ;)
  • @ face requests
    Yes, I know there are many faces to be included. Especially La Liga and PL, but also others. Until now me and pantel, who mostly insert faces, cared most about bundesliga (because it's my country's league), greek teams (his league) and other european teams, but you can be sure we will insert many more faces now to make playing even more enjoyable :)

    Also so many league wishes ahah, we could create like 10 new leagues if we consider everything ;)

    I understand stat problems, I agree konami doesn't care about a lot indeed.

    Thing is just we can't fulfill every person's wish there, last year we changed some stats according to in our opinion better ones, but then others complained, because they wanted real konami stats, as off they might be, because e.g. they play online too and for this reason want the stats to be the same.
  • @3011HD

    Thank you for the quick response! And also for clarifying the stats issue. I'll edit them myself a bit then, I guess it was just the national pride I feel for our team after our performances at the EURO Qualifications. :)

    And what about the game plan suggestion, would it be possible to add it as a switch?
  • I would very much like in the next update there's any team that made football history , such as the Netherlands of Crujiff , France Platini , the Brazil of Pele and Maradona's Argentina . Even the most successful club would be something really appreciated . However, the current work is already something indescribably fantastic (I'm using google translate. sorry for any errors)
  • Thanks, for the patch. I was hoping if it's possible create Alessandro Del piero..? I'm fan of this player almost nearly for 20 years, and it's sucks when i can't have him in my team. So my only request would be creating Del Piero, he still not retired, but he's free agent.
  • A great patch for 2016 and the master league is greatly improved with the correct team logos + tournament logos. However what would make the game complete is the commentary for the big sides in England (and indeed other European teams effected) to be amended to reflect the actual team name rather than;

    Arsenal = "London"
    QPR = "London"
    Aston Villa = Nothing
    Manchester City = "Manchester"

    The above is just a list of some examples in England.

    In the ideal world all clubs would have their real commentary name, however given the wonderful work you guys have done so far just the biggest names in England/Germany/Other European Leagues would be excellent.

    Thumbs ups please fellow forum members and please show your support for the pes galaxy team in these requests they need support as well as suggestions

  • Can you please add some more Croatian teams like Hajduk Split and NK Rijeka. Playing with Dinamo Zagreb is not the same when you dont have 2 of yours greatest rivals. Maybe add some Bosnian teams. Also Dinamo Zagreb dont have their most important blue kit. Also could you make mod thet disables rain because it has great impact on low pc perfomanse.
  • MSg from KONAMI

    'It has been a difficult few months for the fans, with a lot of
    confidence lost in how we have been delivering content in our recent
    Data Packs, with some items missing that our consumers expected',
    explained Erik Bladinieres, Football & Alliances Director. 'The PES
    Production team appreciate their fans’ support and want to put things
    right. The team want to reward their support and bring back confidence
    in the Data Pack releases. With this announcement we hope we can regain
    their trust. The next Data Pack is scheduled for early December,
    including the Maracana stadium long-awaited by our Brazilian fans, more
    faces, new national team kits just announced in early November, club
    teams and the player roster which was confirmed on October 19th. Please
    wait for further announcement details. We promise for this issue to be
    resolved in the near future and will strive to keep delivering quality
    content to our fans, for free. What the UEFA EURO 2016 content will be
    has to be defined, but all content delivered byData Pack featuring EURO
    for next year's prestigious tournament will be free for all existing

    Than if some fixes are planing for patch 1.0 from team than better prepare all fixes and wait, add them after next Datapack it`s about 2-3 weeks only. Like konami said early december
    Than update will be compatibile with new Datapack... in one row.

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