Hating Master League's "same shit"

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    • Hating Master League's "same shit"

      Hi, well, I have to give my opinion on the Master League, who hasn't evolved since 2006, and it's really a very hard issue. ¿Are they crazy?
      One thing is you have not enough cash to pay the licenses, but it's very different not to improve simple things you are able to.

      I'll explain myself

      1) Every year we find that the retired players are reborn like Phoenix bird to our Young Team, fucking it definetely. It's suspicious in some way that you often get some of the best youth players in the world starting in some bottomed second france division club or in the last one of the classification in the Eredivise, but then they appear, 5 or 6 of the best players of the world, starting with 75, 76, 74, and pointing to be 86 or 90, appear all of them like magic in your poor club, to fuck all the fun of constructing patiently a great club from nothing. Not realism anywhere, not difficult anytime.

      2) Players always want to go to your team from first division ones, from top clubs, to your shitty club of the bottom of the serie B. But they don't protest anytime they are offered a bigger contract in a great club. That has no sense at all.

      3) You can pick a shitty club and pick it to the very best of dream teams, saving money from stupid transfers, and in your path you have not to worry about paying better trainers, better doctors, better stadium installations, better anything.

      4) The injuries, ¿where they are? Every weekend of the season we can find 1 or 2 injuries in each club, some in the trainings also, and also some of them severe injuries, but in Master League you can't have a promising boy and loose a year for him with a knee severe injury. You hace 2 or 3 in all the season an they are back in 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

      5) How many minutes are necessary to collect a normal amount of yellow and red cards? There's no way of giving the opportunity to the second line except for the stupid coloured arrows.

      6)Where are the big clubs just following your best promising players to sign them, and distracting them from playing well.

      Well I can't follow because I am getting hungry, but its a never ever ending story

      PD: Is there any possibility of changing some of this issues?

      PD2: I hate the bad the keepers are, just shooting in the surroundings of area wirh your bad leg and the ball is in, just throw the middle of the goal... Also some defenders just wait like stupids for others who are very far away from the ball to let them defend, while the strikers just pass through to your goal... :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    • After playing for two years with a bottom second division team, all my players in the half second season in my youth team are better than the first team, I have like a bunch of 16 and 17 footballers with more than 70, so if you just ban all your roster and sign your juveniles then you just can have the best promising roster in Europe in just one click, with no effort. Of course all of this young players have long beards and grey-coloured hairs, they are full of wrinks, ... oh! they have the same names as retired players!!! Damn!