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      Hi all !! Love the quality you guys are doing in here. Im here to warn of @PesUniverse stealing peoples kits to sell on Their site. I Encourage you all to go look at Their kits they have for sale and If you find anything wrong, let them know with strong language. Right now, there are currently 4 Kitmakers who have had stuff taken from Their forums like Pesgaming, Pesworld, PESEdit. I had my kit stolen and sold. 2007 Champions League final to Liverpool. I created this document to evidence they used mines and just colored over it.
      Keep up the good work guys.
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    • I stumbled across this post on google and I nearly laughed at how low you and certain members go. I been PES fan for 15 years, very despicable to slander a community site that is doing the best edit work ever for Pes.

      I wonder who you are affiliated with, that should provide the answer why posting this haha. Every kit + every interaction with Pes universe has been great for an old school player like me. Good site and nice guys who don't care about ego. Shocking antics you have resorted tho and it's not what us fans want to see telling you straight..