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    • Commentary Language

      How to change Commentary Language in Pesgalaxy? :headbang:
      I can't find the option to choose "Commentary Language" in my "Language Settings",
      there is just "In-game Text" only. how to solve this. thx
    • thx for helping bro, but the problem is that i just can't found the "commentary language" in my game.
      firstly i did the adding language file just like this image below

      then i start my game and go to the language setting
      but this what i found

      where my commentary language to choose?? i just found "In-game text". how to fix this, or what files that i missing/ or what files should i download? thx
      sorry for my english

      cheers bro

      thx bro (eulinho) after checking one by one finally my commentary language showing up again
      :face: :thumbsup:

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