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Pinned Mistakes and Bugs in PESGalaxy PC-Patch 2017

    • galile7621 wrote:

      Hello Everyone,

      Can I use the save file from another patch version to this patch? And how to do it? Because I really like this patch but I don't want to lose all my data before.
      Thanks in advance!
      if u use "dafault ML" (2 italian leagues and 1 german league) i might work, but there still can be issues (some wrong players).
      but it is not recommended
    • Sirs, good evening!
      I am having a problem with ML when installing the PES Galaxy 3.00 AIO PES 2017 patch.

      When I start a new ML, I make new hires, change the formation of my team and save with automatic saving, but when I leave the ML and return, the formation of my Team is not saved and always returns to the default and player transactions are not carried out, when accepting a purchase or sale, my team receives or loses money, but the players are not transferred.

      Can you help me please?