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FMODS by Fruits (Overhaul V3 & Mastereffects Update)

    • FMODS by Fruits (Overhaul V3 & Mastereffects Update)

      PES 2017 FMODS Details Pack 1.1 by Fruits


      Updated Skin Reflection
      Updated Skin Textures [K0H mod adapted by gabe. Thanks mate]
      Updated Kits Reflection
      Updated Field Lines [These ones are just perfect]
      Updated Turf Color [Nailed it]

    • FMods Enhancement Overhaul v2 by Fruits


      - All stadiums light configs revised day and night
      - All textures from light effects to pitch lines and goal nets revised
      - All turfs revised from color to textures
      - Pitch Patterns sorted out (only high quality ones are in the game)
      - Camp Nou reflection maps fixed (it has sweat now)
      - Includes all previous tweaks from sweat to ps4 balls reflection
      - Better crowd version from Esterleen's pack
      - Fixed pitch texture causing players to look like they are floating
      - Modular cpk files as community member asked
      - MasterEffects using UnrealEngine LUT (OPTIONAL)
      - Vanilla Stadiums Only
      - 100% online compatible
      - Fixed camp nou red adboards and players during rainy matches
      - Minor tweaks and improvements for a better game immersion

      - Your patch (be sure that no crowd/pitch files are in your patch)
      - mod_det_win
      - mod_ovr_v2_win
      - mod_st_win
      - mod_ball_win

      - All previous bug fixes are included, you don't need to have any previous fixes only the MOD and UPDATE 3
      - Small Fixes to pitch patterns
      - NikoLiberty Stadium pack fully adapted to my pitch and overhaul mod [OPTIONAL]
      - Stadium previews like original PES
      - Added generic adboards ripped from Dr.Mooks [OPTIONAL]
      - Extra Stadiums can be assigned to their teams
      - Online compatible except for niko's stadium pack


      Mod (DLC merged):!iwRzyDYR!uzao-eHnTdv…LeFVNS1RgBs_DleeGxgjmFvGQ
      Mod (Modular):!X9wUBb5C!gluiT1u_W3z…0kKQvOuk1yM2Oz9BU1yQrLJjU

      - Make sure you have no Sweetfx or Reshade mod installed
      - Copy the files from the rar to your PES2017 main folder
      - Play the game

      Mastereffect Preset:!Lk5wVRAK!QA7YUAc3XB8…NvfefZhd8w38vsyUTToqS2u98
      Why always me?
    • Changelog for 2.1
      - Default konami Pitch_bsm remade to 2048x1024
      - Improved turf colors for day/night/winter
      - Corrected stadium previews to suit the default game style
      - Included txak campnou mod

      - Your patch (be sure that no crowd/pitch files are in your patch)
      - mod_det_win
      - mod_ovr_v2.1_win
      - mod_st_win
      - mod_ball_win

      Inside the "mod_ovehaul_v2.1.rar" you will find two familiar cpk files.
      Which are "dt80_100E_win.cpk" that contains all tweaks and turf for vanilla stadiums, this means you can play online with "dt80_100E_win.cpk".
      The other is "dt80_200E_win,cpk" that contains NikoLiberty stadium pack adaption, by selecting this cpk you no longer can play online.

      Mod (DLC merged):!ysAwRJBQ!uwZ5z0fsIED…fQx8mX_gbaX-gtqyoILBXXI-s
      Mod (Modular):!XxIk1TQI!_pHVoAIxXd5…QdC3j2fppczWVhyy0MznrvFlo
      Why always me?
      -So, default stadiums only
      PS4 menu light
      New lines
      New pitch texture
      New mastereffects changes (adds subtle bloom/sharpeness nothing demanding
      Includes 2k fabric mod from pantel
      tweaks (it really feels like ps4 now, although i do play at the max
      speed, either way you will feel it no matter what speed you play the

      NOTE: You can disable gameplay tweaks at any time by changing sider.ini config.

      Installation its easy peasy just make sure you have no sider or any cpk mods related to turfs/light this includes swetfx etc.
      Then extract the contents from Fruits .rar to your main pes17 folder, run sider, start the game.

      If you are familiar with sider you use the mods by adding the paths as you
      like in sider.ini and placing Fruits files there. Fruits data folder is not
      inside the sider folder, instead he has placed it inside main pes17 folder
      and named it "Data_edited".


      This is a small update for mastereffects preset regarding the look from ps4,
      it's not the full mastereffect from the mod, its just a file to update
      the preset.
      Extract it and replace the file from pes17 main directory



      Why always me?
    • denke nicht das du damit Online spielen kannst.
      Bin mir aber nicht sicher, da ich bisher damit nur offline gespielt habe
      ABER hier kann ich sagen WOW :clap: sieht MEGA aus und macht mir persönlich auf PH0 vs COM richtig Spaß.
      Die enthaltenen Stadien sind richtig Klasse, der Rasen, die Spieler, Gesichter alles sieht so verdammt GEIL aus.
      Gameplay; ok - jeder wie er es mag, denke nicht das man hier viel zu sagen kann. Nesa hat gestern zu seinem Geburtstag sein gameplay im Evo-Web gepostet.
      Das hier enthaltene lässt mir die Gegner zu oft die Bälle lang auf die Aussen schlagen, was evtl von dem typischen Onlinespiel kopiert wurde :D

      Aber Optisch ist es einfach nur Meag-Geil :thumbsup: