Team Editor Manager 2017

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    • Team Editor Manager 2017

      Team Editor Manager 2017 2.8.0 BETA by lagun-2

      – Remove fake team
      – Remove fake id
      – Import: Player, PlayerAppareance, Ball, BallCondition, Teams [CSV]
      – Fix bugs (thanks to marcelohilter and smeagol75)
      – Improve the tool

      Designed and developed by lagun-2
      special thanks to smeagol75 because he was very important for the development of Team Editor Manager 2016
      unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
      Mohamed Alaa for PC Database and PS3 Database
      Stadiums ID List PES 14-15-16 by rickrd0
      Player.bin decode: smeagol75
      PlayerAppareance decode: big thanks to smeagol75
      skin color preview by hawke
      thanks to report bugs: submax4ever, joker5 and CHIKILLI


      Password : lagun-2

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