Settings.exe do not launch

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    • Settings.exe do not launch


      I'm sorry to disturb you this morning due to my problem; however, it's a little bit annoying, and as i'm a happy user of pesgalaxy since 2015, i wouldn't want to renounce to it due to this bug...

      Therefore, as i wanted to install a new controller for my PES, i noticed that it wasn't active yet in the game. No worries, usually, I just go in the settings, and do what i have to do. However, this time, settings.exe do not launch! Either by using the switch, the new switch available on the download page, or by clicking on the settings.exe directly.... By clicking settings on the switch, 2 messages are popping up, telling me that v1.1 is available (i can't download it yet due to limited internet) , and then... nothing happens..

      I guess you could maybe help me, as I don't know at all what to do...

      Thanks in advance, and thank you again for your marvelous work you have been achieving for so many years!
    • I've resoleved this problem. I uninstalled all pes galaxy patchs. Then, I installed the pes galaxy patch 1.0 part 1, then part 2, then part 3, then 1.10, then 1.11. I use the settings in the lauchen and it works fine. I don't installed the "fixed launcher". It didn't work.