A couple of questions from a newbie

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    • A couple of questions from a newbie


      I don't currently own PES 2017, just wanted to ask a couple of things before I purchase it.

      1. I've read a lot of steam reviews saying this game is visually awful and not up to scratch with consoles, is it worth getting on PC or is the console version far superior?

      2. Is the PESGalaxy mod easy to install and use? Is there a guide somewhere I can follow?

      Thanks in advance for any help.
    • PESGalaxy is simple to add, I've had no issues. well until the most recent konami uodate , and I did something wrong, and ended up installing PES through steam and the patch again.

      PES2017 in my opinion is a quality game, personally think they improved on 2016. i will say this the PC game will be far more moddable than the console, so the visual standard can be improved to get it closer to the console version.