PS4 Team Export Editor 2.6 by SMcCutcheon

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    • PS4 Team Export Editor 2.6 by SMcCutcheon

      PS4 Team Export Editor 2.6 by SMcCutcheon

      Export Team of choice from PS4 on to a USB pen and transfer to PC
      Decrypt Team Export using PS4 Crypter
      Open PS4 Team Export Editor in Excel (Enable Macros)
      Click Start and select your DECRYPTED Team export
      Edit Team Details and/or Players when finished click 'COPY TEAM EXPORT TO HEX EDITOR'
      Open your Hex Editor (I use HxD)
      Create a new blank file
      Click 'Paste Write' or 'Paste Insert'
      Save your new file
      Encrypt your new file using PS4 Crypter
      Copy to WEPES folder on USB pen
      Import team into Game.

      Licensed Team Names do not change, possibly a byte that needs to change or it's not possible. Work in progress.

      Due to the importing method on PS4, all images for the edited team will
      need to be reapplied unless they are currently in your WEPES folder.
      Not something I've tested yet though.