Pinned PC-Patch 2018 0.50 RELEASED #10/10/17

  • PC-Patch 2018 0.50 RELEASED #10/10/17


    - 10 new completely licensed Bundesliga teams with correct logos, kits (Beta) and squads

    - All other Bundesliga teams with correct logos, kits and ingame players

    - Completely licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A, LIGA NOS and La Liga with correct team names, logos and kits

    - Serie B and La Liga 123 with correct team names and logos

    - Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and classic teams replaced or correctly renamed

    - Kits for all national teams added (some PES2017 Kits)

    - Coaches and Homestadiums of all european teams corrected incl. pictures for coaches and stadiums for all european first division teams

    - Rivals for all european teams

    - Stadium banner labelings for all Bundesliga teams and some european Topclubs added

    - Minifaces (Formation pictures) for Premier League, Bundesliga and Classic Teams added

    - Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 21 ML press rooms, Replay wipes and controller button graphics (XBOX, PS)

    - 12 new player tattoos incl. the return of Neymar's tattoos

    - Teams sorted alphabetically in their respective leagues

    - Last Live Update and Data Pack 1.0 implemented

    - online compatible





    Baris, Zlac, tunizizou, ejogc327, sxsxsx (Tools), Txak, Angeltorero (Kits), 1002MB, Cesc (Minifaces), Famiy, Ginda (Pressrooms), Sho9_6, Prince Hamiz (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, kitfisto, KoBr24, Valencia 25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces, aliheidari2520 (Face Builds), sincover (Replay Wipes)