Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Custom Start Screen (English)

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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Custom Start Screen (English)

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    1. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Pes 2018 Custom Start Screen (English) 1. You need photoshop and NVIDIA plugin for photoshop... Download NVIDIA plugin from : And install it. 2. Download a hd image : 3. Open photoshop and make a new project using 1920x1080 pixels and drag ur image and save it as .DSS 4. copy dt11_x64.cpk from pes 2018 directory... 5. Download PES Next-Gen CFM From : and open it. 6. Load dt11_x64.cpk ... look for titlePressStart_pes.bin.... then export DSS and save CPK file 7. Make a folder "SS\Common\Menu\General\titlePressStart_tex" 8. Download PES File Explorer from: and open it... open dt11_x64.cpk... now look for titlePressStart_pes.bin and titlePressStart_we.bin in \Common\Menu\General\titlePressStart_tex Export titlePressStart_pes.bin and titlePressStart_we.bin file to created folder 10. Download Cri Packed File Maker From: open it... and now select created folder and.. Build CPK file and save it to "Download" folder in Pes 2018 Directory 11. Download DpFileList Generator From:!yhc3wTpA!Vg4fZ4MNwR... run it as admin... ... now generate the download files... 12. Make a backup of original dt11_x64.cpk in pes 2018 directory Copy dt11_x64.cpk which is in desktop to pes 2018 data directory THANK YOU.. LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE

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