PES 2016 - Loading Team Emblems

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    • PES 2016 - Loading Team Emblems

      Hey everybody,

      I recently bought PES 2016 for Xbox 360 and I am having issues loading the team emblems onto the console.

      I work offshore and am using the xbox 360 that was provided to me by my company (pretty sweet). Unfortunately, this means that I do not have access to xbox live so I can't just download the option file/patch. I have done this manually before on the PS3 version using a jump drive but I cannot seem to figure out how to load the .png files onto the 360 so I can assign them to teams.

      Is there a specific folder address or image format the images need to be in for the 360 (and PES) to recognize them as valid to be used in the game?

      Any help on this would be much appreciated!