Liveupdate questions

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  • Liveupdate questions

    "Live update must be turned off, otherwise it will overwrite some of the patch data. Turning off live update will fix missing features."
    But in order to use live update I have to click Apply Live Update in PES main menu, right? So do I still need to turn this off? If yes and I already run the game without turning it off, do I need reinstall all your patches from 1.00 to 1.02 again?

    I installed 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 (+ OF installer) and there are updated faces, but I think the formation is back to the first PES version. Also, I think that players' stats are not updated (you said it's updated basing on Football Manager) and there is still one player that was transfered (loan) 22nd Nov 2018 to the other team.

    How can I know it's 1.02, is there some kind of data (player stats) that I could see and compare with that ingame?

    It's all after I clicked offline in PESGalaxy switcher.

    Also, when I want to play online after some offline session, I click online in the switcher and can I use Live Updates?

    Edit: I fixed formation and transfer problems. I installed OF in a wrong location (it was by default just PES folder in documents and it should be my save folder), but I'd still like to know what about liveupdates and player stats :)

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