Editing individual .cpk files, specifically for a patch.

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    • Editing individual .cpk files, specifically for a patch.

      Hi everybody. I have only ever really used Smoke Patch for my game as it gives me everything I need in terms of leagues and players and stuff. However for some reason this year the patch is lacking a few things I would like such as tattoos for Premier League players and some faces i've seen elsewhere and would like to add.

      Now I know how to use DPFilelist to generate the .cpk files and get them working in game. However it allows a maximum of 40+ files only (43 maybe? I dont remember the exact number) and Smoke Patch has over 50 .cpk files so I don't want to generate new files in case I lose some of the ones auto generated by Smoke Patch.

      Can anyone give me any advise on how to edit individual .cpk files or add new files to Smoke Patch as it does provide empty .cpk to use (but again its over the DPFileList limit).

      Thanks for any help you can give!