Import cpk into your game via DpFileList by Tunizizou

  • DpFileList Generator By Baris works also in PES 2016.

    Tunizizou found a solution to create dpfilelist easily until we get first DLC or updated tool

    1- Download and Extract DpFileListGenerator v1.5 by Baris

    2- Open folder DpFileListGeneratorData and edit DlcDb.csv : replace last three lines with

    1;DLC v1.0;dt80_100E.cpk;00;00;00;00
    2;DLC v2.0;dt80_200E.cpk;00;00;00;00
    3;DLC v0.0;dt80_300E.cpk;00;00;00;00

    3- Run the tool as Admin and change path to download folder (Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download)

    4- Select DLC V0.0 and choose cpk

    5- Generate DpFileList.bin