A few noob questions regarding 2.02

  • Hi all, very new to PES 2018 and PESGalaxy in general. Decided on PESGalaxy because my understanding is it's the easiest to play online with. A few questions:

    • What are the main differences between "Online Mode" and "Offline Mode" in the switch? I understand Online should be used for MyClub and Offline for ML, but for example, does offline mode have additional teams, and if so, which ones? At a cursory glance, I couldn't find the key differences between the two
    • What happens if you play offline in "online only mode"? I understand if you use "offline only mode" and try to play online, that you'll never find players, but I'm trying to understand the impact if I always use "online only mode" -- (example, what teams/players/features do I lose access to?)
    • What happens if you start the game in Steam instead of using the switch, does it default to a specific mode (online or offline mode), or does it not use the patch at all? Or does weird stuff happen and you "always" have to use the switch?