Mistakes and Bugs in PESGalaxy PC-Patch 2019

  • hi bro, lets say you should follow my steps below :

    1st of all, you have to download the file named: dt80_300E_x64 (DATA PACK 3 from KONAMI which is suitable for the patch 1.02). Why you have to download it caused by an issue showed like FREEZING BEFORE KICKING OFF in game. You should read my previous post in here.
    1) Install the PES 2019 (original). The original one or pirate version
    2) Install the patch 1.00
    3) Install the patch 1.01
    4) Install the patch 1.02 and within the patch file 1.02, you will see there is also a file named "Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2019 1.02 OF Installer" . just install normally. This step will help you to create an EDIT file, coach files...etc (supposed to let you see kits, faces, tattoos...etc)

    After installing all, its not yet finished tho, you have to do one last step is REPLACING THE OLD FILE named "dt80_300E_x64" from your PES19 folder. This file is located in ....\PES19\download\dt80_300E_x64. You get in there, delete that old file, and copy the one that i asked you to download from above to same location. Then , you game will run perfectly.

    Hope you can do it well bro, best xD

  • Sorry i hv to say it happened like that, unless i do not need to spend much time to explain things like this. When i faced to that issue, I had searched many solutions from online, and i found that thing also happened in PES2017 (with pesgalaxy patch also) so, i did follow steps to fix it. You may try , Its freeze before kicking off. As a player, a user to enjoy your patch - yes i am, and when things go wrong, i juz try to find the way to fix it. Thats all i wanted to do and i always admire what you guys are doing as pesgalaxy makers xD

  • As you said so, i also do not know how that thing was (pes 2017 and pirated version) . But i just do not want to argue much in this case, i just said what i have faced and yeah, i definitely love you guys patch - there is no doubt. Its just awesome :in-love: :D ..

  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to bother you I am new here on the forum but I've been using this patch for a long time and now I'm having some bugs for example I can not play with my friend game online always kick us out just to start or play five minutes we play through friendly match lobby last night we could not even connect via a room both have installed everything that needs to be done about the patch.Can you help us somehow please because we would like to continue using this patch.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sorry i forgot to mention that we are both using PES 2019 original game and we are playing both on PC.

  • Hello there people, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm having within Pes 2019 with the pesgalaxy patch whereby the arms of players dissappear upon them wearing long sleeve shirts E. g during a master league play through at winter..

  • Hello friends!

    Looks like KONAMI is pushing out another dam Datapack (5) this Thursday.

    I have a working patch installed.

    My question: How do I stop PES 2019 from auto-downloading the new datapack and screwing up my patch?

    All i want to do is continue to play my patched game without having to mess with anything.

    Thank you very much for the great work on the PESGALAXY patch even though it is now being updated. Best patch out there hands down!

    Thank you!

  • Hi, I have a problem.

    I've installed 1.00, then 1.01 and 1.02. All is ok. There're updated league and team names, but non of no-licensed teams have updated shirts. Every team from Serie A, Premier League (and other teams that were without license) has same shirt colors.

    How to repair this? I just want updated kits. Already tried to reinstall it in many ways. Still doesn't work.

    Uploading picture. Look at juventus. All other teams have same kits. Thanks for help in advance.

  • Having the same exact issue as user ReZZo above ^^
    logos and leagues are updated, but the kits colors are just off. Seems like the original game kits with the patched logos.

    Please someone help, been using pesgalaxy patches for the last who knows how many pes series.

    I've tried uninstalling all three patches, and then tried installing one by one and testing. Same thing, even if I just install version 1.00 or if I install all versions including 1.02, the jerseys seem stock with the logos on them.

    Been scouring the internet looking for an answer. thank you
    ps, I installed everything in the right directory.