• Hello guys, I'm new in this forum. Unfortunately I don't speak German, so I need to write in English. I write to you because I would like to involve this community to change the way to collect feedback of the page of PES developers.
    Yesterday I wrote this message on developers page and I posted the same message like a review on the page and like a comment on eFootballPES official page. In my opinion, it is better to create Facebook groups or an official forum in order to share feedback with other users (and maybe use images for a detailed description of feedback).Redirect only works from pc, so, if you are on mobile app of Facebook search for the message through facebook filters (e.g. recent comments)

    If you are interested in this initiative, please click on like button on these links:
    Comment 1
    Comment 2
    Comment 3


    This is the message posted on PES pages:

    Dear eFootballPES staff,

    I have really appreciated the possibility of release feedback on your official page on facebook. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to share with you. I don’t want to sound arrogant but as a fan of the video game series of PES I want to tell you what I think.

    At first, I think that only a page on Facebook is not enough to collect feedback. You can lose messages and there is not the possibility of upload images in a single comment. In my opinion, Facebook groups work better than a simple page because ideas and opinions that users exchange are more visible and ordered (and use images if you want and users have the opportunity to comment every single idea). Even better would be to create an official forum (with sections) instead of Facebook groups. It is a waste lose the possibility to show ideas in an orderly and visual way (I mean images) as the user Almighty (https://twitter.com/ESPESWE) does on Twitter.
    I suggest to create these groups/sections:
    - Gameplay suggestions;
    - Master League suggestions;
    - myClub suggestions;
    - Modes suggestions (modes already existent in PES like “Become a Legend” and new ones;
    - Edit mode suggestions.
    In this way, you can collect feedbacks in more easily, detailed and ordered.

    Another idea is to launch pools that regard new leagues in eFootballPES (fake leagues with real players like English Third Division or new licensed leagues which could be introduced in eFootballPES) and advertise these pools through social pages and with a message displayed in the game.

    I hope you consider these ideas and thank you again for bringing the community into this.