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    Please, increase the values of the young european players as they are in Argentinan League or in brazilian, because in time playing ML, just 4 or 5 years and there's no good players anymore because young promising players are just 10 o 12 and the other ones just have 54, 56, 60, and they just get 60 or 63 luckily, so you just play against teams full of 54 players in plenty of positions...

    ¿Could you please, really please do something to put the "other european teams" in a league where the players can compete and get experience in the master league? It couldn't be difficult for you, you have the teams done!!!

    Also it would be great to add Anderlecht, Brugge, Dynamo, and other big european clubs undone to fill.

    Thanks, please please please

    I'd like the Mexican League and the Belgium League, not Bundes2 that is very unpopular. Also it would be ok to create a european league for mantain playing all the players that compete in Europe League and maybe anothers, because they never evolute if they stay at their teams, because they only play 6 or 7 UCL matches a season. So they are dead specially if they are young they never will develope in the manager league.

    There are many things to correct for the manager league with youth players...

    There's some international players that aren't present in Shakthar but in the national team they are: Shevchuk, Srna, Pyatov, Rakitsky and a couple more. Also Stepanenko is repeated in two different players, one free agent and in national team with 75, and the original face in the team with 73,

    when is it going to be ready the 1.6 patch with the pte 3.0 improves assimilated?

    I have just been retouching my edition of the players, my eyes hurt with so many players with 53, 56, 58 GV in big teams, and also full of promising youth players who aren't going to be more than 65 being optimistic, so my question is why these teams sign players who aren't even valid for third or fourth divisions? Well, the answer is just the null database Konami made. I am sure there will be lots of people who kindy would offer themselves for a job in Konami just to correct the editor for a few thousand euros, they will have a lot of success if they would do that, but, well they are japanese, and not interested in soccer, just in animation of ball and players.

    Please, try to improve this:

    - Odegaard from Norway to Madrid.
    - Raise values of all the youth players in all great teams in order to be at least normal future players and not any more 55, 56, 60 players with 18 or 19, so they wont be first division ones never, even in big club youth teams.
    - Raise the values of the top scorers in every league, and also the best assistants.
    - Introduce some young promises from not in game clubs to enrich the master league playing.
    - Block the reborn of retired players, PLEASE IF YOU ONLY COULD!!!, insted of them, just be good to generate random ones in youth teams or the ML would become just a shame.
    - Make the generated new players in youth team be mostly from the club country proceeding and not like the UN roster.
    - Introduce some small and shitty generic stadiums to assign for second division and poor known clubs.
    - Avoid the presence in the market of historic players counting as free agents in normal ML.ç
    - Improve auto scores of the computer teams in order to have no top scorers with 10 goals in every league, and marks of 25 goals scored and 10 goals against at the end of a 40 matches season.
    - Improve the market, being not easy that a promising 18 years old player in a great team signs for a second division team transferred instead of in a loan deal. Great clubs just one to retain their promising boys and just loan them, not selling them instead as it happens now.
    - Make the players tempted for big clubs with offers be in bad status (violet or blue arrows until they are sold)
    - Make the renovation deals harder in players that are followed by big teams.


    Sorry for the message, I found all of them in the Edit mode.
    When i start the new Master League they are not anymore in the market as free agents, only there are the players of the PES fictious teams (Czech one, Polish one, etc) which are disbalancing the market, but also they help you in some way to grow up with your first season signing them free, some of them with 18 or 19 years old and 70, 72, 74. (Tayeb, B. Atkinson...)

    I wish there was a way to delete them, to make it more realistic, but as it's not possible what I am doing is just turning them into promises absent in some teams and transfering to them.

    I am particularly deceptioned with the AI of the ML, which allows you to sign young players from great teams to your second division one, even earning less money, and the great clubs doesn't bother at all. They must be refusing to go to a shitty team, and what they would be able to do is just to be in loan, and may be with a high bought clause, or just sold with a rebuy clause.

    Hi everybody.

    I have to say i am disappointed, because when I was very happy to start a new master league with a lot more of things corrected, I just realized most of the free agents in the market were just the copies of other famous players, from national teams mostly, with her unreal names due to out of license.

    So I have Arda Turan, but also I can sign his twin brother G. Dincoz for free in the market, with same 85 GV, so I feel very bad about how can I play this game signing players that were really the copies of other in other teams, just duplicated. It's a nonsense, I can't play like that.

    i am trying to correct it now, but there are dozens and dozens of them, so I just stop playing PES this night, i promise, my main interest is the master league, so it's just done for me. :headbang:

    Just adding that is easy to put Mark Odergaard, from Norway national team to Real Madrid.

    Also I can't understand why some of the best youth players in the world in great clubs (maybe not for the best known ones, but defintely yes for the most of them), are always 55 of GV, or 58, with 20 or 21 years, everybody knows that these just filling players are the ones that are going to play in the other first division clubs,so why are they doomed to just die as 61 or 62 players...

    Finally i can't see more than 10 or so stadiums, playing Real in Giuseppe Meazza is just like Saint Peter keeping the keys of the hell.

    Hi everybody!

    I am a Spanish folk, fanatic of Real Madrid and also playing PES since 2005.
    I have registered just to share my ideas if any of them could help, trying to improve your patch, which everybody knows is the best one for PES. :fighter-m: